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Question What Are Traits of Someone with a Moon in Scorpio? (Posted by: Anonymous )

Kathy Answered by: Kathy, an
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The Moon's placement in astrology is key to understanding our innermost selves, our hidden thoughts, our motivations, and our dreams. The Moon represents intuition, wisdom, and mysticism. Scorpio has an often well-deserved reputation as a dark, brooding mystic himself. So what happens when the Moon visits its own Dark Side, landing in emotional Scorpio?

On its face, this appears to be a challenging position. But as with all challenges, therein lies the opportunity. Moon in Scorpio folk feel intensely about everything. Their entire worldview is shaped by the depth of their emotions. Moon in Scorpio is the person who answers a question before it's been asked, intuiting it from those around him. Scorpio Moon lends a spiritual quality to artistic pursuits as well; this is someone who feels "driven" to create, be it art or music or literature, but could never identify the source of either his inspiration or his drive.

Those with Moon in Scorpio have an instinctive understanding of the inner workings of the people around them, and are both highly compassionate and highly guarded as a result. Moon in Scorpio understands you better than you understand yourself, and will make you feel comfortable and accepted--but for this same reason, Moon in Scorpio may never fully trust you. These people possess a tremendous ability to control and manipulate others due to their almost supernatural understanding of others' psychology, but they rarely see a need to use this talent. Instead, they build emotional walls to protect their own inner selves from the manipulation and dishonesty they see around themselves every day.

Often scrupulously honest, Scorpio Moon individuals can be as off-putting as they are empathetic. After all, not everyone wants to hear the unvarnished truth. To someone with a Scorpio Moon, the unvarnished truth seems obvious, and he is often surprised when he is "just being honest" and discovers his honesty is unwelcome. It is important to keep in mind, when discussing serious matters with one of these lunar scorpions, that they do not judge you for your truth, no matter how sordid or uncomfortable it may be. They simply accept things as they are.

Scorpio is skilled at detecting insincerity, and a Moon in Scorpio is even more so. This ability to hone in on the machinations and manipulations of others, even those that are unconscious, sadly makes it difficult for Scorpio Moon to get truly close to anyone, as very few people will ever meet their stringent guidelines for complete trust. However, they are among the most loyal, forgiving, and deeply loving people in the world, and the select few who can pass their rigorous barriers will be rewarded with lifelong love and trust. Emotional to a fault, Moon in Scorpio rarely unleashes anger in words, but instead converts it to something else. A healthy and productive Scorpio Moon will learn to channel that excess of feeling into creative or interpersonal pursuits. Unhealthy or less evolved Scorpio Moons should be wary of allowing themselves to fall into dark depressions, or isolate themselves completely from the world.

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Pretty spot on...Scorpio Moon here. Complete trust is a must! By Anonymous on 30-05-12 at 07:03pm
This is correct! I'm a Scorpio moon person, and this matches me To A T! By Anonymous on 31-07-13 at 04:50am
This about sums me up! I can see right through people's dishonest motivations to the point that I'm embarrassed by how pathetic they are appearing in my presence. Another thing, we don't seek out the truth, it just comes to us effortlessly. Lol By Anonymous on 03-01-14 at 01:19am
Very True... Well said... Truth unravels to us... we don't judge when someone else is honest to us... we just can detect lies easily, as we're experts at reading people... We can love fiercely, we can also fall into deep depression due to heartbreak... By Anonymous on 20-01-14 at 04:44am
Well I'm a Scorpio moon an I'd say It's pretty good on dot. Trust never comes easy for me.... I will test you an see what you do an watch from the sidelines on how others interact with you an how you treat your friends an family an I know how you treat them is how I'll be treated depending on what I do an i go according to how you treat an talk about other's.. even then I'm wary. By miller on 22-01-14 at 02:38pm
Incredibly, eerily spot on! I always say I'm untuitive to a fault, that having that intense degree of awareness can hold me back in certain ways. And I trust no one! By Anonymous on 21-02-14 at 01:12pm
Amen to that, I,m a Scorpio moon and know many Scorpio moon ppl lol all loyal and equally as crazy as I am. I started out in life as a traumatized child and then into a very troubled teen, but then I changed my life around and I started taking a class with a psychic/medium who taught me how to meditate and accept my emotions and sensitivity so I can use them to heal others. I had to face all the pain and abandonment I felt as a child and other issues I repressed. It hasn,t been an easy road but I am a deeper person because of it and that,s the Scorpio moon way lol. By Anonymous on 22-02-14 at 05:27pm
Maybe this describes me when I was younger, idk about now. I'm not super emotional, it seems that sometimes I trust without thinking and I am easily manipulated it seems. I can be a charmer though! I have noticed however that with big emotional events (eg my dog dying this summer and this winter breaking up with my boyfriend) I seem unemotional at first almost unable to cry and let it out until it comes out later somehow. Maybe it's my dominating signs conflicting with my emotions. I am happiest with friends but still need independence, but often get lonely if alone for more than half a day! It was weird how I had a casual hook up 3 days after I broke up with my boyfriend, but
months later I kind of think it hindered the emotional healing I needed (Even though I didn't know I did). Gemini rising aires sun scorpio moon,
3 year old female (but acts more like an 18 year old!) By Anonymous on 20-03-14 at 12:53pm
Why cant scorpio moons share their truth, why are they so guarded about their own intentions? By Anonymous on 20-03-14 at 07:46pm
Happy to know others with Scorpio intense moon sign.If you allow brooding to become a life style,it could really screw up your life.We are guarded about our intentions because we were born with the knowledge that people will screw you if they know that you might care.We think other people might hurt us if they know how deeply we can feel.What we feel emotionally is intense,can't trust just anybody. By karen on 25-04-14 at 01:17am
0-03-14 @1
:53pm we have the same sign...Aries sun Gemini Rising Scorpio Moon. I feel the same. Always seems like I have all these conflicting emotion but it can be hard to muddle through or express. I think the Scorpio moon is spot on but you are too. I can be an optimist all day then I just have moments where I feel so heavy with emotion. I think it has to do with the Aries & Scorpio combo. Very difficult to understand... By Anonymous on 06-05-14 at 02:40pm
Yes. Pisces sun (by a hair: 0 degrees, 34 minutes) Scorpio moon Capricorn asc. I've never been able to hold in my emotions. I used to channel them into other things, but more recently I do use angry words. But it's hard to find the RIGHT words. By Anonymous on 02-06-14 at 02:52pm
Took me almost forty years to figure this out!! I'm libra sun with moon in Scorpio woman....not only does this explain me spot I see my draw to scorpion men and women... I font bond or get close to very many....not even family...!!!!!!! Thank you! By Anonymous on 04-06-14 at 01:09am
Kudos!! I think this one is the best and most spot on description any one can give for lunar scorpions. I am a scorpion with the qualities described. I guess some were known to me but some I realized after reading the article. The strength or the inspiration to do anything was just mystery to me. Many time people ask me this question "from where do I get this energy to do things? ". But I can't answer to them, I guess, since it is not know to me. Thanks for the article!! By Anonymous on 25-06-14 at 12:00pm
Very insightful..I'm a double Scorpio with Pisces I understand the being easily manipulated. I tend to think its my heart and desire to believe I've come across another soul who loves and cares as deeply as I do. A sense of longing. I also tend to only date Scorpio men..which has its ups and downs as well. Again going back to the desire to merge with another who gets it. Thanks again for the article:-) By Anonymous on 29-06-14 at 01:03am
Hi, I can't stop thinking of my ex partner. We had an amazing sexual relationship and a great chemistry. I wanted a real relationship and he wanted only sex so we stopped talking as we have been seeing for 7 months and I thought it was time to know where I stand. He is an Aries Sun Scorpio Moon. I am Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon. I know he is probably seeing someone else now. I have always been very nice with him, even until the end. He was trying to keep in touch but I caught him walking on a date in a gallery with a girl, couple of days after I told him I have feelings for him. I went to him and said hello and "It was nice to see him" and left him with his date. He wrote me later that day saying: what a coincidence! and I never replied and I haven't heard from him since. He did offend me. He wasn't a gentleman. I miss him, I will never contact him again but I always think of him. I think we were great together. I wonder if Scorpio moons think of someone nice after it finishes or feel bad if they did offend someone? I like to think that he does; I know he liked me a lot and we had an amazing life/ sexual chemistry. What do you Scorpio moons think? Thank you By Anonymous on 07-07-14 at 06:28am
Perfect.... By Anonymous on 07-07-14 at 06:46am
My goodness. First of all I just want to greetings to all those who are able to go fetch the truth from the deep end of an ocean. I say yes to all of your comments. The way I see passed everything (people/ animals/ thoughts/ art/ the sky) #SIGH!!! Sometimes I feel like its too much because its hard to remain calm when you can see the truth but someone play pretencious. A skill I had to learn. But still most feel undressed simply by my focus/stare. LORD!!!!! By T-Tee on 15-07-14 at 01:55pm
Always thought others' reaction to my focus/stare was bizarre, and yet expected, because it's always the same: like I'm the pied piper? trying to lead them into an erotic wonderland. Even when just saying hi. Regarding the post about Scorpio moons' feelings about ex-lovers: we don't just think nice thoughts of ex-lovers. We think intensely deep thoughts and sentimental feelings for them for a very long time. As one website mentions, Scorpio moons are extremely loyal but always searching/yearning for the perfect love and relationship and unwilling to settle for anything less than their ideal. By Anonymous on 06-08-14 at 01:32am
Whoa..... By Anonymous on 09-09-14 at 12:10am
WOW did you study yourself to come up wit this description? It's more accurate than many other sites. By Ant on 09-09-14 at 12:16am
Wow, this is so spot on, I found myself nodding my head almost the whole time I read it. I have found that what ever I feel, it is the highest high, or the lowest low - I don't feel anything "sort of". I am so emotional but try always try to hide it. I find that I feel so alone in the world because as you said, I really don't trust anyone one. On the plus side, I have grown into really loving my scorpio moon, because it is pretty deep and intense...and I do like that. :) By Katie on 20-09-14 at 10:56pm
Hello All! I was wondering if anyone feels that the character John Coffey (The Green Mile) describes how it CAN BE for us "Stinger moons" to a tee? By ~S on 23-09-14 at 01:22pm
I'm an aquarius with a scorpio moon and I feel as if this was spot on. But only when i'm in a relationship. Which the moon controls emotion and that makes sense. But as an aquarius who finds emotions and not trusting people silly, I totally remove myself from these feelings when not in a relationship. By Sabryna on 17-11-14 at 12:06pm
Spot on! Somebody gets me ... (relieved sigh) ~moon in Scorpio By Anonymous on 26-11-14 at 01:05pm
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