What happens when Mars enters Leo?

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Time passes, and the planets move across the heavens. So is the case for the planet Mars; on July 20, Mars enters Leo, leaving Cancer. Because of this ingress, an increase in excitement and external attention is likely. The combination is fiery - the only fire planet surpassing Mars is the Sun. As a planet, Mars concerns energy and drive - your ambitions, your desires, your libidos. All of these are governed by Mars. Leo, meanwhile, is the flaming lion. In the natal chart, Leo’s influence can lead to a passionate, warm, high-energy person. The stronger the influence, the stronger this can be - potentially leading to arrogance and egotism. Whatever the case, the lion screams, “look at me!” And look people do, seeing the talents and raw passion of the lion.

When Mars enters Leo, you will feel that urge to be noticed. Maybe you’re the shrinking violet type; you could be compelled to go up and sing on karaoke night. There are lots of things you could do to exercise this urge: auditioning for a play, offering to go onstage at a charity event, wearing flashier clothes - even just going out of your way to talk to somebody new. Be wary of taking this too far, however - before you pick up that trumpet to go perform on the downtown streets, make sure you actually know how to play. The power of the drive to be noticed could override your common sense and give a distorted sense of your abilities. Now is also a good time to enter contests. The flashy influence of the lion on your ambitions might just bring that extra shine to bring you to the first place. Your boss might consider you for a promotion at work, or more strangers at bars might stop approaching you. Right now, you’re shining brighter than normal. Even if you don’t want to go out of your way, you should feel that extra bit of confidence straightening your back and steadying your pace. Body language says a lot.

And of course, there’s the libido. Mars is highly concerned with sexual energy, and as it moves from the calming influence of Cancer to the higher-energy Leo, you will likely notice a spike in libido. In spite of that, Leo doesn’t just want to be noticed and desired. The lion craves full-hearted, committed attention. Thus, this libido spike is much more productive within a steady relationship. Take the time to pamper your partner and lavish them with affection - after all, Mars is having the same effects on them as it is on you. If you’re single, try for dates and conversation instead of just hooking up. You might feel desperate, but a one-night stand won’t satisfy what Leo really wants. In the long run, you’ll be glad you tried for connections.

Overall, now is the time to be seen. Get yourself out into the world and let the people see what a wonderful, beautiful, and passionate person you are. Leo is holding your hand.

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